Dredging Floats


PETROLCOM is the exclusive UAE supplier of Floatex Dredging Floats. These floats come in the “SD” series which are made to use on HDPE or steel pipes, or in the “RD” series which are intended for rubber pipes.

These dredging floats have two halves each made in UV-stabilised linear virgin rotomoulded recyclable/eco-friendly polyethene which is made for marine environments and has high UV resistance. It requires minimal maintenance and can be easily fixed by hot fusion welding. The color is moulded-in for longer duration and eco-friendliness.

The floats are regularly tested through tensile, hardness, UV and cold temperature, abrasion, color, and other tests. They are customized for various hydrostatic pressure levels and are leak-proof which makes them unsinkable even if the outer shell breaks.


  • Category: Marine & Offshore
  • Company Name: Floatex SRL

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