The ZL-LSRB-26 Rotating Beacon provides high precision optical performance for achieving long range with a peak intensity in-excess of 650,000 candela. It is optically efficient and delivers superior performance along with high reliability and wide divergence. The wide RPM selection of the ZL-LSRB-26 LED Rotating Beacon incorporates superior technology for optimal performance, achieving ranges of up to 23.6 Nautical Miles @ T=0.74 with minimal maintenance. The robust design of ZL-LSRB-26 Rotating Beacon uses materials suitable for marine application with a sturdy construction permitting outdoor installation without the requirement of a lantern house, with operating ambient temperature -40°C ~ +60°C, and wind speeds up to 288kph (80m/s). The optical system comprises of next generation ‘custom designed’ high intensity LED modules encapsulated within a ‘Fresnel Lens’, precisely positioned on a rotational drum assembly, focusing high powered light beams in the horizontal plane. In order to support this product in different countries, the robust design and sturdy construction of ZL-LSRB-26 Rotating Beacon will in-principle permit field maintenance and repair†, without having to return the unit to Zeni Lite.


  • Category: Marine Offshore & LNG Berthing
  • Company Name: Zeni Lite Buoy Co. Ltd.

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