The ZL-LS370B Super High Intensity LED Lantern incorporates high precision optical performance, high efficiency circuit and low power consumption. The “ZL-LS370B” Super High Intensity LED Lantern with up to 5 tier lens configuration (Type ZL-LS370BW305) provides 50,000 candelas in white color. With a flash length of 1.0 second, the effective intensity is 41,400 candela and the nominal range is 17.5 nautical miles [T=0.74] and 27. 1NM [T=0.85]. Optically, it is the most efficient high performance LED lantern designed and built. It boasts of a unique lens and LED combination, with each LED tier having its own dimensionally stable custom designed 366mm precision cut lens. Only superior ‘high intensity light emitting diodes’, individually tested and graded are used in the ZL-LS370B lantern. The LED array is housed within the 366mm lens, precisely positioned within each lens centre optic; ensuring consistent intensity outputs are achieved. The lens is hermetically sealed between uniquely designed cast aluminum heat dissipation chambers, and aluminum alloy base and top cover, which assists in preventing the build-up of salt residue, and dirt particles, and ensuring the operating performance of the lantern is not compromised.


  • Category: Marine Offshore & LNG Berthing
  • Company Name: Zeni Lite Buoy Co. Ltd.

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