The SVT TERRA Land Loader Program is especially designed for safe and efficient loading and unloading of rail and road tankers. The program includes complete series of top and bottom loading arms which, together with their system elements and their accessories, can be adapted to virtually every one of the clients’ requirements. Platforms, folding stairs, and safety cages, etc. are also available, complementing the loading arm series – turning it, in fact, into a complete loading station.

SVT TERRA Loading Arms of the program are used for the transfer of liquid and gaseous products such as aluminum alkyls, chlorine, acids, alkalis, and liquid gas including LNG or bitumen and sulfur. With nominal bores from 2″ to 10″, the range of temperature is from –196°C to +250°C. The operating pressure can be up to 50 bars. Different materials of the arms and different sealing materials allow for perfect adaptation to various kinds of products to be transferred and to different operating conditions. If necessary, all TERRA Loading Arms can be equipped with lining, internal, and jacket heating. A special feature of the loading arms is the single or twin raceway SVT ROTAFLEX Swivel Joints that are flanged on both sides. They are characterized by their ability to withstand enormous stress and also have proof test certificates. Because of the long-lasting lubrication, Swivel Joints practically don’t need maintenance. They run smoothly throughout their entire product lives, even when continuously moving.


  • Category: Land Loading Systems
  • Company Name: SVT GmbH

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