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Cam Cutter
To cut slickline and/or wireline above the rope socket when necessary.

Hydraulic Tubing Punch
Hydraulic Tubing Punch is a device that helps to control the perforating or punching of tubing without using Detonators. The tool provides a source of achieving good communication between tubing and annulus.

K-Roller is a modular conveyance device used to significantly reduce friction when deploying tool strings into highly deviated wellbores.

Mechanical Tubing Punch & Perforator
The Brace Tool Tubing Perforator Punch is a non-explosive, mechanical tubing punch that is designed to single hole perforate standard tubing.

Sandline Cutter
The hydraulic sand line cutter consists of many components. The hydraulic cutter, when assembled at the surface, is sealed with the use of o-rings, keeping contaminated well materials from entering the internal parts of the tool.


  • Category: Downhole Well Completion & Wireline
  • Company Name: Brace Tool Inc.

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