Side Pocket Mandrels


“UDT Make” Side Pocket Mandrels offer the advantage of providing an internal profile that guides the valve being installed towards the pocket. These mandrels feature a one piecepocket, an orienting sleeve for positive kickover tool alignment in highly deviated well and a tool discriminatorto exclude largerslick line toolsfrom the product area. The pocket is offset to clear the tubing bore which maximize the flow area and permits passage of tools through the mandrel without meeting restriction. The external shape allows dual string installations without requiring a reduced mandrelID. Thesemandrels are available in a variety of tubing connections in bothEU and / or premium thread configurations and incorporate all the design features required by customer. These are available in both orienting and non-orienting design. Our side pocket mandrels are available for 1.1/2” & 1” Gas Lift Valves for tubing sizes upto 4.1/2” OD. These mandrels can accept 1” & 1.1/2 OD side pocket devices.


  • Category: Downhole Well Completion & Wireline
  • Company Name: United Drilling Tools Limited

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