Massive global response, and recognizing the needs to provide a Self-Contained LED Lantern for Beacon applications, has been the driving force of this new product from Zeni Lite Buoy Co., Ltd. ZL-LS160D High Intensity LED Lantern is a fourth generation product, specifically developed for medium range applications, which incorporates over 40 years experience in the design & manufacture of marine lanterns, simultaneously integrating the latest advancement in LED technology and lens design. The materials used within ZL-LS160D are specifically designed and made suitable for installation in a marine environment. The optical system of ZL-LS160D comprises of high intensity light emitting diodes precisely positioned on a uniquely designed circular assembly, providing an even distribution of light throughout the horizontal plane. The LED array is housed within a custom designed 160mm UV stabilized acrylic Fresnel lens ensuring that consistent intensity outputs are achieved. The Lens is hermetically sealed between base and top cover, which assists in preventing the build-up of salt residue, and dirt particles, and ensuring the operating performance of the lantern, is not compromised.


  • Category: Marine Offshore & LNG Berthing
  • Company Name: Zeni Lite Buoy Co. Ltd.

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