SVT Quick Connect/Disconnect Couplers (QCDC) serves to quickly connect the loading arm with the corresponding vessel manifold. The various SVT QCDCs are designed for a temperature range of -196°C to +250°C; they are available in pipe sizes ranging from “6” to “2”. SVT QCDCs are vacuum-proof as well as suitable for different pressure ratings (e.g. 150 lbs, 300 lbs) and designed, certified and produced in accordance with international standards. The wide lead-in chambers with which all SVT QCDCs are equipped, ease the maneuvering of the loading arm to the vessel manifold.

Different material options of the SVT QCDCs allow handling of the different physical and chemical characteristics of the substances to be transferred, be they poisonous, aggressive, explosive, cryogenic or hot.

The SVT QCDC Varo series is available for hydraulic or manual operation. It is unique, as it is adaptable to the next smaller diameter class – without any replacements and without any tools. Nothing needs to be stocked, nothing needs to be transported; it is just a simple and manual unlocking, shifting, rotating and re-locking.


  • Category: Marine Offshore & LNG Berthing
  • Company Name: SVT GmbH

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