Orifice Valve


“UDT Make” Orifice Valves is a retrievable valve used to install in the side pocket mandrel prior to circulation. It prevents the pocket damage from abrasive well fluids while circulating. Efficiency of back check valve provides large flow capacities. Positive sealing feature of back check valve provides protection from intrusion of production fluid into casing annulus. Various orifice materials (SS, monel, inconel & tungsten carbide) available to meet application requirements.

Orifice sizes available for this valve design range from 1/8 through 7/16 inch in 1 inch size and from 1/8 through 51/64 inch in the 1-1/2 inch size, thus making them suitable for a wide range of operating conditions.


  • Category: Downhole Well Completion & Wireline
  • Company Name: United Drilling Tools Limited

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