Oil spill tracking buoys are used in a variety of applications. MetOcean Telematics oil spill tracking products are used by the world’s largest oil companies, oil spill response organizations, and supply vessel companies around the world. Our oil spill tracking products are trusted around the world as essential tools in hydrocarbon spill response.

  1. Code Davis/Drifter
  2. iSphere
  3. Stokes Drifter
  4. AIS

For contingency planning, drifters are used to calibrate oil spill trajectory models. During oil spill exercises, neutrally buoyant and biodegradable items such as wood chips and orange peels are used to simulate the oil spill. During an actual spill, buoys are deployed from either the air or a ship or rig. They are also used for oceanographic studies.

The iSPHERE is a unique buoy designed for oil spill tracking. Offered as an alternative to the standard ARGOSPHERE drifter, it uses the bi-directional Iridium satellite system to communicate and to transmit essential scientific data.

iSPHERE is a low cost expendable Lagrangian drifter with a state-of-the-art data acquisition system which collects real-time sea surface temperature data with an accurate thermistor as well as GPS positional data. The bUoy’s position is transmitted as part of the Iridium message. During critical operations the sampling rate can be increased to send vital data to the user.


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