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Mooring Ropes & Accessories are essential elements in any Single Point Mooring operation. PETROLCOM is the exclusive regional supplier of Mooreast Mooring Ropes & Accessories, which are renowned for their reputation of supplying and distributing steel wire ropes and synthetic ropes of various top-quality brands.

Depending on the needed service life of the mooring system, we will recommend a specific type of mooring ropes & accessories, especially wire rope. Steel wire ropes range from 6 strands (available with protective coatings such as zinc anode and/or A galvanized outer wire) to the spiral strand (available with Galfan coating or HDPE sheathing).

Spiral strand wire ropes have a higher ratio of strength to weight & are more torsionally balanced compared to the 6 strands. The 6 strand in return has greater flexibility and elasticity, and lower axial stiffness. The wire ropes can come with wire rope sockets, slings or grommets which connect them to the other mooring components.

The materials used for the synthetic ropes are mainly Polyester or High Modulus Polyethylene in parallel strand construction, due to their higher resistance to abrasion, chemical, and UV exposure. These are used as mooring hawsers for deepwater mooring operations. These ropes possess uniform strength in both dry and wet conditions and are usually used as single point mooring hawsers for deepwater mooring.

Getting the right mooring rope & accessories is essential for a successful Marine & Offshore operation, so contact us to find out more and we can recommend the best options to suit your requirements. As it is with the other products we supply, these adhere to the strictest international standards for quality and have been rigorously tested to produce the optimal results. They have amazing durability and offer our customers the perfect and lasting solution to be used in mooring operations.


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