Mooring Buoy


PETROLCOM exclusively supplies various Mooring Buoy designs suitable for a variety of purposes and custom made to meet the specific operational requirements. They are often made to order. So far some of the most popular buoys PETROLCOM supplied were Mooreast’s Surface and Parachute Buoys, however, the Donut, Suitcase, and Sub-Surface Buoys are also popular among customers depending on the field of operation.

Instead of being expressed by their dimensions, Mooring Buoy types are expressed in terms of their reserved buoyancy, which equals the weight of water displaced by the fully immersed buoy minus the buoy’s weight in the air. Therefore a Mooring Buoy with a reserved 5 t buoyancy would become fully submerged if required to support a 5 t load. This would make it very difficult to notice in the ocean, so the standard is to use a load of approximately 1/3 – ½ of the buoy’s reserved buoyancy which allows the buoy to be above the waterline and easy to spot. The buoys are also painted in bright yellow color which makes it even more visible.

The Mooring Buoy types are made of steel and specially manufactured and tested to ensure they meet the highest quality standards, including a full magnetic particle inspection (MPI) test which ensures there are no cracks in the welds, Air Test to ensure there are no leakages and Optional Class witness, Physical Load test on each lifting padeye which ensure its reliability and endurance, and others if needed. These buoys incorporate durable compartments filled with Polyurethane Foam which is approved for these applications and easily disposable (in accordance with local regulations.)

These buoys also go through a Finite Element Analysis (FEAM) while they are being designed and engineered, which is a computational tool for performing engineering analysis. Through it we determine the stiffness & visualize the strength of the buoy’s structural integrity.


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