Loading Arms


PETROLCOM exclusively supplies Top and Bottom Loading Arms designed and manufactured by the established industry leader in the field.

The purpose of the top style of arms is to allow the transfer of liquids through the manhole on the top of a road or rail tanker, a connection which might be open, semi-closed, or closed depending on the type of product and risk assessment. Closed connections are used for toxic & dangerous liquids which are made by a flange to the top of the tanker. It is usually equipped with a cone & vapour hose in order to stop the vapours from being released.

The main priority when top loading is operator safety. They will be working form the top of the tanker, so special regulations need to be followed & this is why we also supply a range of tanker access equipment to ensure safety. The types include Chemical, LPG, Fuel Armis & Vapour Recovery Arms. The procedure is essential and working from height regulations must be strictly followed. We also supply a wide variety of tanker access equipment to ensure the process is as safe as possible.

There is also an option to use specially developed bottom loading arms (the types include Bottom Loading Chemical Arms, Fuel Arms, LPG & Vapour Recovery Arms), designed due to the increasing global perception that bottom loading is safer. The reason for this is that there is no need for an operator to stand on top in that case. It is estimated that in a few years many global tanker operations will be done at the ground level. Depending on the nature of the liquid, and whether or not they are considered dangerous, there still might be a need for a top vent in which case safe tanker access systems will be needed.


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  • Company Name: Loadtec Engineered Systems Ltd

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