Penguin’s Leviathan® ESP Bypass system provides full bypass intervention capability, increasing ESP run life and enabling logging operations below the pump. A range of tools are available for blanking, isolation, pressure testing, prevention of fluid recirculation and logging. Qualified to API 14L and API 19TT, the Leviathan® range is suitable for long term deployment in downhole conditions up to 5000 psi pressure at temperatures up to 400°F.

The ESP Bypass System is highly configurable to accommodate a range of completion designs. The Leviathan ® tool suite includes Blanking Plugs, Isolations Sleeves, Standing Valves, Wireline Logging Plugs, Wireline Tool Catchers, Wireline Plug Hammers and Coiled Tubing Logging Plugs.

Y-tool and Bypass Saddles are available for single bypass applications in 7 & 9-5/8” wells and, when equipped with the Pump Support Block, can be deployed in dual bypass configurations.


  • Category: Downhole Well Completion & Wireline
  • Company Name: Penguin