Integral Blade Stabilizer


In order to significantly improve the safety & life span of stabilizers UDT has offered, after extensive engineering studies and field experience, the Integral Blade Stabilizers. “UDT Make” integral blade stabilizerhas a single bodymade of 4145Hmodifiedalloy steelfully heat-treated to 285-341 Brinell hardness and 54 Joules minimum impact strength. UNITED stabilizers are available in either near-bit or string-type. Connections are cold-rolled, phosphatized, coated and equipped with thread protectors. These are gauged to API standards. “UDT Make” Integral Blade Stabilizer are sturdy, rugged and easy to repair and maintain tools which can be safely used in highly deviating wells for side tracking and fishing etc. Our stabilizer shall provide 250 to 360 degree hole wall contact and the rib surface shall be hard faced as described under heading “hardfacing”.


  • Category: Downhole Well Completion & Wireline
  • Company Name: United Drilling Tools Limited

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