Bunkering hoses typically will have one end permanently connected to the drilling installation manifold and the other end to the supply vessel when loading. For the greatest part of its “life in the field” the hoses will be idle and recovered at the drilling installation for storage either draped over a saddle or hanging over the side of the platform. This leaves hoses exposed to the extreme bad weather conditions, twisting, abrasion, and mechanical damage, as well as high levels of UV from direct sunlight, all of which have a negative impact on the lifetime of a hose. Any access to the full length of the hose is also difficult which prevents adequate inspection.

  • Single, double or multi-reel station configuration, with multi-layer hose storage
  • Compact footprint with multi-reel/double deck configuration
  • Designs suitable for arctic/harsh environment/winterisation
  • Self contained with integrated hydraulic, pneumatic or electric drive option
  • Skid or individual deck mounted
  • Permanent connection to transfer pipework (fluid and powder medium) via rotary swivel


  • Category: Marine Offshore & LNG Berthing
  • Company Name: Techflow Marine

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