High-Pressure Tubing


High-Pressure Tubing products have been used for many years to transport fluids and gasses that are under extreme pressures ranging from 15,000 psi to 40,000 psi but as industry demanded to drill deeper into the surfaces of the earth and cut harder materials the requirements for higher pressures began to push systems to new levels within this industry. 60,000 psi is not uncommon as a standard market request and Salem Tube has positioned itself to be a strong supplier to the customers of this growing market demand.

  • Seamless High-Pressure tubes are used in a wide variety of applications using liquid or gas as the pressure medium, such as hydraulic installation and water jet cutting operations
  • Pressure tubes are defined by the high yield / high tensile strength in connection with high elongations


  • Category: Electrical & Instrumentation Division
  • Company Name: Salem Tube, Inc.

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