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High Performance Connectors Leopard


The Leopard is a high strength connector which has been used in many different application environment and drilling programmes for land, platform, jack up including highly deviated deepwell.

The Leopard combines the advantages of a preloaded thread-type connector
with the rapid make-up desired for offshore operations. It has strength characteristics higher than those of the casing pipe.

The Leopard is a self-aligned connector with a high-cone angle and is available in twin or four-start thread. When stabbed, the box swallows approximately 90% of the pin length. The stabbing guide prevents cross-threading. Full make-up is achieved in less than half a turn with a four-start thread and less than one turn for a two-start thread.

To prevent back-off during driving and to permit the connection to transmit
torque, integral anti-rotation tabs can be engaged using a hand-held Hilti gun
or manual shear tool. Use of the anti-rotation tabs increases breakout torque to as high as 90,000 ft-lb, depending on the number of tabs engaged. These connectors are available in standard materials for normal operations and
high strength materials upto 110 ksi for driving as well as high current deep well applications. Alternate material options of 125ksiareavailableonrequest.
– Casing Pipe with Welded Connector can be supplied (SAW process as per
ASME section IX). The Connector Strength is more than Pipe strength.
– Pipes are supplied with both PSL-1 &PSL-2 grading. Pipe are procured from
API 5L certified mill.

Leopard connectors are available in following sizes:

  • 18.625”x0.435’’
  • 20”x0.438”,20”x0.625”,20”x1.0’’.
  • 24”x 1.0’’.
  • 26”x0.75”,26”x 1.0’’.
  • 30”x 1.0”,30”x 1.5’’.
  • 36”x 1.0”,36”x 1.5”.


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