Penguin Manufactures Sliding Sleeve Doors, Landing Nipples and Lock Mandrels suitable for various Tubing Sizes. Penguin manufactures Go & No-Go nipples based on customers preference. Penguin offer X, XN, R and RN profiles.

Sliding Sleeve Doors: Penguin’s Sliding Sleeves are suitable for all tubing sizes to regulate or isolate zones in multi zone wells. Penguin’s sliding sleeve is a tubing-mounted device used to regulate flow from individual producing zones or to control communication between the tubing and the annulus. These Sliding sleeves incorporate a system of ports that can be opened or closed by a sliding component that is generally controlled and operated by slick line tool string. Penguin offers these flow control devices capable of withstanding up to 10k psi pressure ratings & 350 F Temperature Ratings.


  • Category: Downhole Well Completion & Wireline
  • Company Name: Penguin