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Conventional Casing Pressure Operated Gas Lift Valve


“UDT Make” ‘AN’ Series Valves are charged with nitrogen pressure acting on the bellows. This determines the set pressure of the valve. Nitrogen charged valves are primarily sensitive to casing pressure. The valve is open when the combination of pressures supplied by the casing and tubing exceed the dome pressure. As the casing pressure declines to the valve set pressure, the gas lift valve closes. Since the casing pressure controls the valve operation, the nitrogen charge is reduced in each lower valve to avoid interference with the upper valves. All UDT Series Valves are suitable for either continuous, flow or intermittent lift wells.

Features :

 Valves are sized to be compatible with most conventional mandrels in service today.
 Mechanical stops limit bellows travel in both directions. This provides bellows protection and assures long life by keeping bellows
travel within design limits.
 Tungsten carbide balls and seats provide for long wear against abrasive and corrosive fluids.
 Replaceable floating seats give excellent alignment for positive seal.
 Large dome volume gives smooth stable valve operation that prevents stem and seat cutting.


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