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Coated Pipes – FBE


Fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) coated pipes are used for prevent steel pipes from corrosion and harmful chemicals. These are thin coatings of epoxy-resin powder materials formed in a film and applied on pipes by specialised coating facilities by electrostatic spraying. These FBE coated pipes can be used in temperatures up to 85oC in dry conditions.

FBE Coating has been used as a standard in industries for protection against corrosion. FBE coatings have good handling characteristics; they are flexible and resistant to soil pressure. These are used in pipeline projects that have normal requirements and do not have harsh conditions.

A dual-layer of fusion bonded epoxy can also be used for coating of pipelines for use in harsher conditions to make it more abrasion resistant. The second layer is also made of the similar fusion bonded epoxy with both the layers being sprayed successively. Depending on the application, the dual-layer FBE can also come with an Abrasion-Resistant Overcoat (ARO), to reduce damage to pipes.


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