Clio is a fully integrated multi colored, self-contained portable lighting unit, designed for minimal maintenance & optimal performance. Clio incorporates “4-colours” (Red, Green, Yellow and White) within the same LED lantern, permitting users to ‘field-select’ the appropriate color to their operations. It has a range in excess of 6 nautical miles @ T=0.74. This innovative feature is unique to Zeni Lite and it is the first lantern of this design in the maritime industry. This lantern is easy to relocate from port hand to starboard, cardinal to special mark and results in saving time and money to buy another color LED lantern. It also requires fewer spare parts and a smaller warehouse. Another benefit of this design is that it is easy to change flash character and intensity by application for smartphones (Bluetooth Communication Technology) and also incorporates an advanced programming and monitoring technology.


  • Category: Marine Offshore & LNG Berthing
  • Company Name: Zeni Lite Buoy Co. Ltd.

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