Clearspray – Oil Spill Dispersant

The Clearspray range of oil dispersant spray systems are suitable for operation from both inshore and offshore vessels including tugs, supply vessels and workboats.

Clearspray systems are powered by an electric motor and are designed to be installed as a permanent fixture on board the vessel.

Clearspray systems are compatible with Spray Arms, Retractable Spray Arms for enclosed bow vessels and AFEDO™ Nozzles for the application of neat or dilute dispersant.

Product Models
The Clearspray range includes three models:
• Clearspray 50 – designed for operating from inshore vessels and produces a maximum output of 60 litres per minute.
• Clearspray 100 – designed for operating from small to medium inshore and offshore vessels and produces a maximum output of 100 litres per minute. The Clearspray 100 D2F model has ABS product design approval.
• Clearspray 150 – designed for operating from larger offshore vessels and produces a maximum output of 150 litres per minute.


  • Category: Oil Spill Response
  • Company Name: Ayles Fernie International Ltd.

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