Ayles Fernie AFEDO™ Nozzles are an alternative to conventional oil dispersant
application devices. Ideal for use where operational flexibility is important.

AFEDO™ Nozzles are designed for application from “vessels of opportunity” such as tugs, off shore supply vessels and workboats. AFEDO™ Nozzles create port and starboard spray plumes in a spray pattern with an even distribution of droplets some 10m to 15m in length.

AFEDO™ Nozzles are mounted via the integrated stainless steel universal clamp to the vessel gunwale or handrail. Simply unclamp and store the AFEDO™ Nozzles when not in use.

More compact than Spray Arms, AFEDO™ Nozzles off er greater flexibility for use on almost any “vessel of opportunity” to apply neat or dilute dispersant. Compatible with our Ecospray, Boatspray and Clearspray oil dispersant spray systems.


  • Category: Oil Spill Response
  • Company Name: Ayles Fernie International Ltd.

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