Zeni Lite Buoy Co. Ltd. is a global leader in the design and manufacture of marine aids to navigation and marine safety and environmental systems. Having started as a manufacturer of seawater-resistant aluminum products, they have now expanded into manufacturing a range of products. The Zeni Lite Buoy, the first Takeyasu-style simple automatic blinking buoy developed in Japan in response to the request of customer, provided the foundation of their current buoy technology. PETROLCOM Oil & Gas Services supplies a wide array of their equipments and aids such as the Clio Multi-Colored Self-Contained LED Lantern, ZL-LS160D Self-Contained LED Lantern, ZL-LS370B Super High Intensity LED Lantern, ZL-LSRB-26 LED Rotating Beacon and the ZL-SPB-3 1 to 3 Nautical Mile Self Contained Lantern.

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