SVT GmbH is an innovative company and hidden champion with more than 50 years of experience in the field of loading technology. For decades SVT employees have been developing and manufacturing marine and land loading arms and their accessories. As the world’s leading manufacturer of loading equipment, SVT develops and manufactures complete loading systems for the safe loading of liquids and gases. SVT is the only company in the world that owns the complete know-how and all drawings of marine loading arms and land loading arms of the former Wiese GmbH and Connex GmbH. PETROLCOM Oil & Gas Services supplies a range of their SVT Marine Loading Arms like the ARCTIC, ATLANTIC, PACIFIC, RIVA and also their SVT Control Systems and SVT CPMS, SVT Emergency Release Couplers for marine and land loading arms, the SVT Quick Connect Disconnect Couplers, the SVT ROTAFLEX Swivel Joint, the SVT High Pressure Loading Arm and the SVT TERRA Land Loader Program.

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