Penguin is an API certified manufacturing centre of excellence providing engineered solutions to the Artificial lift and well completions segment serving the Oil & Gas Operators worldwide. Penguin offers the most comprehensive range of completion tools and systems integrating multiple products for the artificial lift segment of the industry. Our product offering include integrated tubing spools with electrical well head penetrators, ESP production packers with packer penetrators, ESP By-pass (Y-tool) Systems with complete suite of mechanical tools, POD/CAN systems, Auto-Flow Valves, ESP Check valves, Cross Coupling Cable/Control Line Protectors, MLE Protectolizers, ESP Centralizers and casing/tubing accessories as well. Artificial lift systems offered by Penguin includes Side Pocket Gas Lift Mandrels to accommodate 1” & 1.5” Flow control devices, Conventional gas lift mandrels, Sub-surface rod pumps and accessories including insert anchors, Gas Anchors and the like. Penguin’s manufacturing facility is certified to API Q1, API 5 CT, 11AX & B, 11D1 and 19G1. PETROLCOM represents Penguin Petroleum in UAE and offers Penguin products to Oil operators and service providers.