Offshore Ops Ltd specialised in producing hardware and software solutions for the offshore loading and bunker operations. A full product range, ranging from offshore loading telemetry systems to professional asset maintenance software applications has enabled Offshore Ops to become a valued business partner with a host of leading international oil and shipping companies. Offshore Ops, SmartOps SPM Telemetry System provides operators with an effective tool to operate, manage, maintain and integrity monitor the performance offshore oil transfer systems. SmartOps Telemetry System allows operations staff to monitor local sea and weather conditions, oil transfer pressures, hawser loads, buoy position, inclination and excursion giving an immediate overview of the status, safety and integrity of the operation. In addition to the live data, all information is stored assisting with maintenance, reporting and incident investigation. SmartOps SPM Telemetry System is specifically designed incorporating the strictest type approval requirements. Increased Explosion proof protection is applied to the design using the buoy zoned area classification.

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