Principle Partners

Marine & Offshore

DUNLOP Oil & Marine Limited excels in the Design, Manufacturing and Sales of SELFLOTE® & SAFGARD® Anti-pollution Suction and Discharge Hoses, Dock Hoses, Dredging Hoses, and Ancillary Equipment, as per the latest edition
of GMPHOM guidelines for the Oil, Petro-chemical, Dredging, Navy and Armaments industries. PETROLCOM is the exclusive supplier of these products.


Gall Thomson Environmental Limited has long established a reputation for providing the market with designing, manufacturing and sales of Marine Breakaway Couplings, Camlock Couplings as well as Underbuoy Breakaway Couplings. PETROLCOM exclusively supplies their products, such as UBC and MBC Petal and Flip-Flap Valves, and the Locakable Camlock-R.


BEXCO NV is an approved and certified producer of Single Point Mooring Hawsers. These hawsers, which essentially connect oil and gas majors’ points of supply with transportation in the mid-stream of the supply chain process, need to meet the most rigorous standards of quality and reliability. BEXCO’s quality and service levels for SPM’s are highly recognized in the market. The construction of individual SPM hawsers varies from location to location, depending on conditions and operational procedures. PETROLCOM is the exclusive supplier of their DELTAFLEX 2000® 8-strands composite (SPM DF8 2000), as well as ULTRALINE® Circular Braided (SPM BL3) and 12-strands Double Braided® (SPM DB12) Single Point Mooring Hawsers.


Marit has over a century of excellence behind them when it comes to manufacturing and supplying high resistance steel chains and accessories, for applications such as Offshore, Navy, Maritime, and Ports. PETROLCOM is the exclusive supplier of top quality Marit Studlink Anchor Chain Cable, Offshore Mooring Chains, Chafe Chains Assemblies, Thimbles, Shackles, and Turnbuckles.


Lamor Corporation AB is an established industry provider of Oil Spill Response Equipment, such as Mechanical Oil Spill Equipment i.e. Skimmers, Oil Containment Boom, Pump Power-Packs, Containerized Systems, Landings Crafts, Work Boats and more. PETROLCOM is exclusively supplying these products.


Mooreast Europe BV has been actively involved in various offshore projects involving FPSO, Semisubmersibles, SPM Buoys and even Offshore Wind Turbines. PETROLCOM is the local supplier of the range of their products pertaining to the Marine & Offshore Industry, such as their High Holding Power Drag Anchor, Type: MA5P Anchor, MA5s Anchor, Mooring Buoy, Complete Mooring Solutions, Chain Tensioner, and their Mooring Ropes & Accessories.


FLOATEX is currently one of the leading companies in buoyancy and fendering for coastal and offshore marine products. FLOATEX’s interest in the production of different plastic products, processing, and application, has been of great bene t to different markets, from aids to navigation to offshore specialized materials, from deepwater application to fish-farming technology. Their Rotative Pendant Buoys, Anchor Pendant Buoys, Modular Buoys, Support Buoys, Pick-up Buoy, Marker Buoys, Hinged Deep Water Floats, Coupling Floats, Floating “Y” piece Fenders, Environmental Data Buoys, and Offshore Floating Devices are exclusively supplied to the local market through PETROLCOM.


Fraser Pump is a world leader in Design, Manufacturing and Sales of process equipment for the Marine, Petrochemical and Waste Water Industries. Their top quality products are an industry staple, and as the exclusive agent, PETROLCOM is supplying their Marine Hose Test Units (as per OCIMF rules), Hose Flushing Pump sets, Mooring Hawser Load Monitors and more.


Loadtec Engineered Systems Limited is the exclusive technical supplier for fall prevention systems and high quality fluid transfers, as well as bulk fluid transfer. They provide an inclusive concept to commissioning package for road, rail
and marine Loading Arms, Tanker Access Systems, Meter Skid Systems, Electronic Earthing, Floating Suction Units, Swivel Joints, Couplings, Pumps, Marine Access Systems, Marine Jetty Survey, After-Sales Service and Maintenance for the Marine and Offshore industry, which PETROLCOM exclusively supplies.


BMP Europe Limited manufacture a range of technical polyurethane products designed for harsh environments in the Renewable, Oil & Gas and Telecom sectors. Critical issues such as bend control, cable protections, abrasion and impact resistance are key features of the designs. The range of products is designed to withstand the rigors of offshore and submarine environments, including their Umbilical Cable, Riser Protection, Ballast Protection, Static & Dynamic Bend Stiffeners, Split Bend Stiffeners, Piggyback Clamps, Guides & Saddles, Riser Clamps, and J-Tube Seals, which are exclusively supplied by PETROLCOM.



HandyTube Corporation is a premium manufacturer of seamless stainless-steel & nickel alloy tubing for Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Alternative Energy, Instrumentation, Chromatography and Life Sciences. PETROLCOM supplies a range of HandyTube products, including Seamless Control Line Tubing, Seamless Instrumentation Coiled and Straight Tubes, Ultra Small Diameter Tubes, Tubing for CNG and Hydrogen applications. Grades we can offer from stocks are 316L, 904L, 6MO, 317L. 625, Duplex, Super Duplex, Monel, Hastelloy, and Alloy 20.


Safelok Components Limited is housed in a modern factory in Wigan, Lancashire, England, and is one of the top design and manufacture packages available today to the Oil and Petrochemical Industry, specifically Instrumentation. Safelok’s indigenous quality philosophy provides a range of Valves and Instrumentation Fittings finished to the highest standards, which PETROLCOM exclusively supplies. This includes products such as Instrumentation Tube Fittings, Instrumentation Ball Valve, Needle Valve, Check Valve, Manifold, Double Block & Bleed Valve, Sample Cylinder, Condensate Pot, Air Distribution Manifold & Accessories, and Brass & Bronze Tube & Pipe Fittings. Safelok offers fittings and valves in 316, 6MO, 625, 825, duplex, Super Duplex, Monel, Hastelloy, Alloy 20, etc.


Cords Cable Industries Limited is a provider of cost-effective and quality solutions for various electrical connectivity requirements. They do customized design, development, and top quality manufacturing of all types of LT range cables for Oil & Gas and various Process Industries. PETROLCOM exclusively supplies many of their products such as LV Power Cables, Control Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Thermocouple Cables and wide variety of special cables i.e. Fieldbus Cables, Fire Survival Cables, Low Smoke Halogen Free Cables, Solar PV Cables, Low Temperature Cables, EPR Cables, Special Cables for Oil & Gas and Special Cables for Water Desalination.


Mehta Tubes Limited are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, globally recognized for maintaining international standards for safety and reliability. They are a recognized manufacturer of Copper Tubes, Brass, Cupronickel, Copper Alloy Tubes, Copper Earthing System, Lightening Protection System, Zonal Lighting Protection System, Copper Cable Terminal & Accessories, and Stainless Steel Products, which PETROLCOM exclusively supplies.


Downhole Well Completion & Wireline

ZAPP Precision Wire, Inc. is a reliable manufacturer of API 9A, Alloy 316, Alloy XM19, Alloy 2205, Alloy 2507, Alloy 25-6MO as well as Alloy C276, Alloy 27-7MO, and Alloy MP35N Wireline for onshore/ offshore drilling applications. They provide stainless steel wire with unusually high strength and good ductility, as well as wire that is practically free of inherent stress. Their wires consist of all types of rustproof steel, occasionally nickel and nickel based alloys. The quality of their products make them an essential player in the Downhole Well Completion and Wireline Industry, and PETROLCOM is their exclusive agent.


Piping & Valves

Maharashtra Seamless Limited is the largest manufacturer of Seamless Steel Pipes and Tubes in India, and renowned around the world for their quality products. They manufacture Electrical Resistance Welding (ERW) Pipes, which PETROLCOM exclusively supplies, such as: MS & Galvanised Pipes, API Line Pipes, OCTG Casing & Tubing, OCTG Drill Pipe. Seamless Pipes: Hot Finished Pipes & Tubes, Cold Drawn Tubes, Boiler Tubes, API Line Pipes. Coated Pipes: 3LPE, FBE, 3LPP, Internal Coating, and more.


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