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Marine & Offshore

Marine & Offshore Services

Our “Marine and Offshore Services” scope of supplies includes but not limited to the following:

  • Inspection, testing and certification of GMPHOM suction and discharge hoses.
  • Dynamic hose configuration analysis.
  • Fatigue & strength analysis study of SPM Buoy Mooring Chain Cable.
  • Refurbishment of pneumatic fenders including replacement of chain/tyre net.
  • Maintenance, resetting and refurbishment of anti-pollution and Safety Marine Breakway Coupling.
  • Installation of drag anchors.
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Instrumentation Tubes & Fittings

Instrumentation Tubes & Fittings Services

Our “Instrumentation Tubes & Fittings Services” scope of supplies includes the following:

  • Hydrostatic Testing of Coil Tubing.
  • PVC Encapsulation, PVC/TPU Encapsulation of Small Diameter Tubing.
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Piping & Valve

Piping & Valve Services

Our “Piping & Valve Service” scope of supplies includes the following:

  • Sand Blasting & Short Blasting.
  • Anti Corrosion Coating.
  • Galvanizing.
  • Pipe Bending.
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