Marine & Offshore Division

Design, Manufacturing and Sales of SELFLOTE® &SAFGARD® Anti-pollution Suction and Discharge hoses as per the latest edition of GMPHOM guidelines for the Oil, Petro-chemical, Dredging, Navy and Armaments industries for both land based operations and offshore use in exploration, production and loading application.

Design, Manufacturing and Sales of DELTAFLEX 2000® 8-strands composite (SPM DF8 2000) as well as ULTRALINE® circular braided (SPM BL3) and 12-strands Double Braided® (SPM DB12) Single Point Mooring Hawsers in compliance with the latest edition of OCIMF 2000 guidelines, Deep-water Mooring systems/ assemblies, ancillary equipment as well as all types/ sizes of natural and man-made fibre rope for the Marine and Offshore industries especially SPM terminal applications.

Design, Manufacturing and Sales of Camlock Coupling as well as Lightweight Blind Flanges and Anti-pollution & Safety Marine Breakaway Coupling for protection of all types of hose transfer systems.

Design, Manufacturing and Sales of Chafe Chain Assembly in accordance with the OCIMF guidelines as well as Mooring Chain Cables, Heavy Duty Shackles, Kenter Joining Shackles, Turnbuckle, Swivels Forerunner, Hose Lifting Chain Assembly, Hose Snubbing Chain Assembly, etc… for the Marine and Offshore industries especially for SPM terminal application.

Design, Manufacture & Sale of Mechanical Oil Spill Response Equipments i.e. Boom, Skimmers, Power-pack, Storage Tanks, Containers Systems, Landing Crafts, Work Boats etc..


Design, Manufacture, Sale, Installation & Commissioning of Umbilical Cables, Riser Protection, Ballast Protection, Static & Dynamic Bend Stiffeners, Spilt Bend Stiffeners, Piggyback Clamps, Guides & Saddles,Riser Clamps, J-Tube Seals etc..


Sales of buoyancy products for all application from surface down to full ocean depth including Dredging & Deep Water Floats, Submarine Hose Floats in compliance with OCIMF guidelines, Marine Fenders, Chain Support Buoys, Mooring/Marker Buoys, Anchor Pendent Buoys, Floating Y Piece, Navigational/Light Buoys, Elastic Beacons, Hose Marker Winker Lights, Containment Booms, Floats for Umbilical, Ropes, Cables, Sub-sea Buoyancy, etc…

Design, Manufacturing and Sales of process equipment for the Marine, Petrochemical and Waste Water Industries. Products include: Marine Hose Test Units to OCIMF rules, Hose Flushing Pump sets, Water and Sewage Pumps for offshore applications, Pump System Design, Mooring Hawser Load Monitor, Sub-Aquabrade – Subsea Cleaning and Cutting, Harbour Aquabrade Subsea and Topsides corrosion removal and surface preparation, Specialized trailers for use in carrying loads in restricted and hazardous areas.

Design, Production & Sale of Quick Release Mooring Hooks, Quick Release Towing Equipments, Special Containers, Lifting Equipments, Reconditioning & repair of a wide range of Quick Release Towing Hooks & Quick Release Mooring Hooks, Capstans Service, Maintenance and Repair for cranes and lifting equipments.

Sale of Rubber products i.e. Grouting Packer, Grouting Seal, Mud Wiper, Diaphragm, Complete Packer Can, Rubber Boots, Shock Cells, etc... for offshore platforms..

Sale of supply and storage of steel wire and synthetic ropes with various terminations, cable-laid ropes, cable-laid slings, cable-laid grommets including inspection, refurbishing, testing and recertification of hoisting equipment i.e. shackles..

Sales of High Holding Power Drag Anchor, Mooring Buoy, Anchor Chain & Accessories, Complete Mooring Solutions, Chain Tensioner, Mooring Ropes & Accessories..


News Updates

12-15 November 2018

ADIPEC 2016Visit us at Hall No:8 & Stand No:8314

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