Downhole Well Completion & Wireline Division

Manufacturing and Sales of API 9A Alloy 316 ***Alloy 904L*** Alloy, XM19 ***Alloy 25-6MO as well as Alloy C276 Alloy 27-7MO and Alloy MP35N Wireline for onshore/ offshore drilling applications.

Design, Manufacture & Sales of Downhole & Well Connection Tools i.e Hole Finders, Tubing Plugs, Tubing Stops, Retrieval Tools, Straddle Pack-offs, Conventional Wireline Tools, Custom Designed Tools, API Certified locks & Nipples.

Manufactures high performance Wireline cables for the oil and gas industry. Quality Wireline is specialized in Cased Hole Wireline Cables for all environments. Product range includes Well Logging Cable, Cased Hole Logging Cable, Downhole Wireline Cable, Oilfield Cable, Logging Cable, Perforating Cable, Electromechanical Cable, EM cable, Permanent Monitoring Cables, Open Hole Cable, High Temperature Wire, EMC Cable, Downhole Fiber Optic Cable.

News Updates

12-15 November 2018

ADIPEC 2018 Vist us at Hall No:8 &Stand No:8314

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