Policy Statement

PETROLCOM Oil & Gas Services is committed to provide a safe, healthy and productive working environment for our entire staff, customers and visitors. This includes ensuring that all staff/ personnel are fit to carry-out their duties safely and effectively in a working environment which is free from alcohol and drug misuse.This policy applies to all employees and all persons coming into the company premises.

The Procedures followed by PETROLCOM Oil & Gas Services are neither employee nor other person under the company's control shall or in connection with any work-related activity:
1)Report, or endeavor to report, for duty having consumed drugs or alcohol likely to render him/her unfit and/or unsafe for work;
2)Consume or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on duty;
3)Store drugs or alcohol in personal areas such as lockers and desk drawers;
4)Attempt to sell or give drugs or alcohol to any other employee or other person in the company premises.

News Updates

12-15 November 2018

ADIPEC 2016 Visit us at Hall No:8 & Stand No:8314

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